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RepellShield Mouse, Rat and Rodent Repellent Spray, 250ml - Pure, Organic and Natural Formulation - Peppermint Oil with Geraniol, Results after 2 Weeks, Alternative Solution to Mouse Traps

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Do not rush into anything! Instead, consider your situation, and formulate a complete mouse control plan. The best thing you can do is seal all the entry points a mouse will use to gain entry into your home. If mice cannot get into your home, you do not have a mouse problem! Getting rid of mice as soon as possible will also protect your property from damage,” Carpenter adds. “Plus, repellents offer an environmentally friendly alternative to harmful traps and poisons If the infestation level is not very high, they can also save you money by preventing the costs associated with pest control services and property repairs due to a mouse infestation.” That said, onion makes it to the top as an effective mouse repeller. Putting onions in a kitchen corner will help keep mice at a distance.

RUNADI Pest Repeller – Mouse Repellent – Ultrasonic Rat Repellent for Rodents and Insects Best mouse repellent plug in Ultrasonic pest repellent products sound great on paper but all too often, they are completely worthless. This one is one of the few exceptions. Remember to use one for each room, as the waves don’t penetrate walls, and be aware that the effectiveness may vary depending on the specific pest species. They suggest spraying the product every 3 days, which would suggest that the product is even stronger than both the RepellShield and The Big Cheese’s sprays, meaning there is a higher success rate associated with this product. Mice also detest some strong-smelling natural oils like lavender and peppermint. However, results with these oils are not guaranteed and often inconsistent. A Few Parting Words When inhaled or ingested, chili powder and oil can irritate the mice, thus acting as a natural mouse deterrent. However, its efficacy is not well established, so it may not be a dependable solution in the long run. 13. Homemade Mouse Trap

What Are Natural Mouse Repellents?

The following scents are excellent at repelling mice, as long as they are used correctly: Bleach, peppermint oil, used kitty litter, bay leaves, and pepper. Chemical repellents are often the most effective in keeping away rodents for a longer duration. They are easily available online as well as in your local stores in the form of spray and paste. Like most mouse repellent sprays, The Big Cheese uses peppermint oil to disorientate and irritate critters, however this spray is slightly weaker than the other top repellent sprays, therefore it may be less effective on bigger pests like mice and rats.

Natural mouse repellents (mostly homemade mouse repellents) are non-toxic, use organic methods, and are natural ways to get rid of mice. These types of repellents are the go-to-option of people who don’t like to use snap traps, poison, and inhumane traps to deter mouse infestation. It produces ultrasonic pulses which travel up to 7,000 square feet underground. These pulses cause vibrations which scare away a wide range of critters including groundhogs, snakes, and moles. DIY solutions can never be as effective as seeking an expert’s help in rodent prevention. Consult a professional rodent exterminator to seal rodent entry points, trap existing rodents, and protect your home. Do High-Pitched Sounds Keep Mice Away?Environmentally friendly; safe for humans and pets; time-saving and when installed does not require human participation; no need to remove dead mice.

Alternatives are numerous, really. As technology progresses, we will see even more of the alternative ways to get rid of mice. But as of now, the best and most effective ways, according to scientists, are traps and rodenticides. Remove the dense vegetation around your house, so the mice won’t sneak inside your house through tree branches Another effective outdoor mouse repellent is reducing the amount of outside habitat such as shrubs, bushes, and trees near your home. You don’t need to remove and cut down all of them.

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Earthkind Botanical Rodent Repellent is a set of all-natural repellent pouches which look like herb sachets. The main active ingredient of the repellent is balsam fir oil which is considered to be a botanical pesticide. Among passive ingredients you’ll find corn chips and various essential oils. The manufacturer promises that a single pouch will repel rodents for 100 days with a “woodsy scent” which is pleasant to humans but offensive to rodents. However, some customers claim that its effect lasts no more than two months, which clearly is appropriate. Ammonia. JAMES AUSTIN CO 50 Multi-Purpose Colorless Cleaner Liquid is designed to clean such trouble spots as a garbage disposal or trash cans. What you need is to apply the solution, wait for several minutes and then wash away. The product’s active ingredient is ammonia which is also contained in the urine of mouse predators, so mice detect this odor and stay away. Keep your kitchen clean and mice away! Short-term effect; mice urine contains ammonia as well, therefore the solution may not work; poisonous when ingested; not safe for kids and pets Some sprays like Rodent Defense also have garlic & rosemary oil in their formula. Eco Defense has the third active ingredient — castor oil, while Grandpa Gus’s Natural Mouse Rodent Repellent contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The latter is a chemical which can be found in many hygiene products and is intended to enhance the product’s efficiency.

However, there is usually a high chemical content in these sprays, so it is not advised to use them if you have a house full of pets and/or children, although there are some brands which are toxin-free. Furthermore, the jury is somewhat out about the effectiveness of this solution. Like ultrasonic mouse repellent plug ins, mouse repellent sprays are a totally ethical solution, but with this comes the risk that they may not protect your household 100% from rodents. As previously stated, getting rid of mice is an incredibly difficult process, and without actually killing them, it’s hard to make any guarantees. However, you can guarantee that mouse repellent sprays will help to alleviate the problem, as, unlike humans, mice seriously do not enjoy the smell of peppermint. The best mouse repellents UK: According to research conducted by the Sense of Smell Institute, peppermint oil can also help people feel happy because of its stress-relieving properties.Funny enough, the repeller was pretty potent not only against mice but also against ants. So I think, you’d better see and try it for yourself. However, do not rely on a repellent alone. Use prevention methods, and maybe natural repellents, just to be on a safe side.

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