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A deep-cycle battery is designed to be frequently discharged and recharged to a significant proportion of its capacity. The same battery you’ll find in electric cars, lithium LiFePO4 leisure batteries are better than lead acid in pretty much every way: they can provide almost double the energy at half the weight, they have a much longer working life and feature electronic controllers to stop them discharging to the point of damage. However, they also cost quite a lot more as a consequence. Lead crystal leisure batteries

A lead crystal battery will also provide a significant advantage in the number of charge cycles. Typically it will have a lifespan triple that of a standard sealed lead battery. It also still performs well in cold and hot temperatures. The downside is that it is very easy to flatten the battery by leaving a light on and you will then be on the phone to the RAC in the morning to request a jump start. This enables the two to be kept separate. So when the boat is moored up for a stopover, the starter batteries are kept apart from the leisure bank. Of course, this keeps the banks apart. so that the starter batteries don’t run down when the leisure batteries are being used a lot. Technically no, you could fit a standard car battery in a caravan or motorhome. However, the service life of the battery would be very short before significant sulphation took place and permanently damaged the battery. Can you Overcharge a Leisure Battery?Gel batteries have many of the same qualities as AGM batteries, but are very safe to handle, resistant to discharging when not in use, and maintenance-free. They do need to be charged with care, and they are quite expensive. Enhanced Flooded Batteries - EFB products are an enhanced version of standard lead acid technology. They offer improved charge acceptance and greater durability with charge cycles. For more serious spells away from the sanctuary of the mains hook-up, you’re into the territory of dedicated deep-cycle batteries, specialist charging and complex power management set-ups. Done well, you’ll never need a hook-up, but such set-ups do not come cheap. To avoid expensive mistakes, seek advice from specialists such as RoadPro. What are the different types of battery?

Both of these categories are recent introductions to the market, and the video was produced in 2016. The C100 rating shows how the battery would perform if put it under a constant load of 1.3 Amps. At this load the battery would provide 1.3 Amps of current for 100 hours. A total of 130 Amp Hours (AH) Standard lead-acid batteries can typically be discharged to 50% without damage, provided they are not held at a depleted state of charge. Another trustworthy brand is Exide, an American producer of lead-acid batteries, headquartered in Milton, Georgia. Founded in 1888 as Electric Storage Battery Company, it made batteries for wakeless torpedoes used in World War II and for solar energy storage of NASA’s first lunar landing module.If your vehicle has a solar panel, that will charge the leisure battery, although how effectively depends on both the panel and the quality of the charge controller. Premium AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries are expensive but very powerful, and will still start an engine even if they’re considerably discharged. They also withstand low levels of charge for longer periods without degrading. A bit like the AGM leisure battery design, but with a completely different makeup, lead crystal (LC) leisure batteries use a micro-porous super-absorbent mat (SAM), high-purity lead calcium selenium plates and a safe SiO2 electrolyte solution. LC batteries can be discharged completely and also recharged from flat without any damage and can offer three times the lifespan of lead acid batteries. Naturally, this all comes at a price. The failures are especially noteworthy because the DieHard Advanced Gold is an AGM (absorbed glass mat) design, which typically makes for a more rugged and longer-lasting battery than a conventional battery. Our test samples of the DieHard Advanced Gold 50748 were the only AGM batteries that did not to survive on average 13 weeks or more of the life test, and they would not have lasted even through the old 10-week test. All other AGM batteries in this test scored much better in the life test.

A typical 100AH lead acid leisure battery will weigh around 25kg. The largest (and heaviest) leisure batteries up to 330AH weigh around 90kg. A definite consideration for anyone who uses their caravan or motorhome a lot (even, perhaps, living in it), this lightweight option (lithium batteries weigh considerably less than lead acid ones) is capable of a whopping 4,000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DoD), whereas AGM batteries provide only 50%, so you get a huge lifecycle and 30% more amp hours, meaning you could get as much as a decade’s worth of work out of the Renogy without worry. Notably, Lithium batteries weigh considerably less, for a 100AH battery, the weight will only be around 13kg.Essentially, open lead acid is where all batteries started, and it’s still going strong. Another term used to describe them is ‘flooded batteries’. Leisure batteries are rechargeable units that provide a reliable and regulated source of 12v power for the lights, water pump and refrigerator while you’re static or on the move. They can provide essential energy for appliances too. Modern leisure batteries such as those sold at Halfords are sealed units, which are maintenance-free. This means that you’re not able or required to access the battery’s cells and top up the cells with water. In cold weather, batteries perform less well. As an indication, for every degree under 25 °C, a leisure battery will lose 1% of performance power. A 110 AH leisure battery will work like a 100 AH model if the temperature is 15 °C.

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