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20 AG10 1.5V Alkaline Batteries - Replaces SR1130, SR54, SR1131, 389, 390 But...

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A 189, AG10, or V10GA battery is another name for these batteries. With a capacity of 44-68mAh, this LR54 battery is 11.6mm in diameter and 3.1mm in height. Is the LR1130 battery the equivalent of the AG10 battery? The AG10/LR54 is an alkaline button cell battery used in small electronic devices such as electronic games and calculators. 1.5V voltage. Selecting the right AG10 equivalent for your device involves considering several factors to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. Begin by identifying the specific battery requirements of your device, including the voltage, capacity, and dimensions. Consult the device manual or specifications to determine the type of battery recommended by the manufacturer, as using the correct equivalent is crucial for seamless operation. AG10 batteries fit a wide range of watches, cameras, toys, calculators, and other electronic devices. Each battery is made of a leak-proof substance and provides genuine voltage stability for added safety. This battery is a cost-effective replacement for similar-sized and-type batteries, giving your gadgets a fresh lease of life.

AG10 batteries offer several advantages that make them a popular choice for a wide range of electronic devices. One of the key benefits of AG10 batteries is their compact size and cylindrical shape, which makes them ideal for devices that require a reliable and long-lasting power source in a small form factor. The button cell design of AG10 batteries allows for easy installation and replacement in various electronic devices, ensuring convenience and accessibility for users. Hearing aid batteries are commonly referred to as 675 batteries, Blue tabs, ZA675, PR44, 7003ZD and similar. While 675 batteries and LR1130/SR1130 batteries are very similar in diameter and voltage, these batteries are not interchangeable because of the difference in height, internal resistance, and similar factors.By following these steps, you can easily identify AG10 battery alternatives for your electronic devices, ensuring that they are always powered up and ready to go.

When disposing of AG10 batteries, it's advisable to separate them from general household waste and utilize designated recycling programs or collection points for used batteries. Many local recycling centers, electronic retailers, and municipal facilities offer battery recycling services, allowing consumers to drop off used batteries for proper processing and recycling. By participating in battery recycling initiatives, individuals contribute to the conservation of resources and the reduction of environmental pollution associated with improper battery disposal. To maximize the lifespan and performance of AG10 batteries, it's important to implement certain practices that promote efficient usage and storage. Proper handling and maintenance of AG10 batteries can contribute to extending their operational life and ensuring consistent power output. One effective way to prolong the lifespan of AG10 batteries is to store them in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Exposure to heat and moisture can accelerate the self-discharge rate of the batteries, leading to premature deterioration.The self-discharge rate of Alkaline Button AG10 Batteries is sluggish. They may be preserved for up to three years if kept at the proper temperature. When you utilize them after that, they’ll still deliver the equivalent amount of power. The AG10/SR1131 is frequently referred to as SR54, while the AG13/SR1154 is frequently referred to as SR44. SR54 is not the same as SR1154, which could be the reason for your confusion. Most rechargeable batteries should last 2-7 years if properly cared for and used. With proper usage and maintenance, rechargeable cordless phone batteries may last up to two years. What is the purpose of AG10 batteries? These small, disc-shaped alkaline button batteries are very thin and have an unusual shape. Therefore, they are also referred to as “button” batteries. One gram weighs roughly 11.6 mm by 3.1 mm and measures 11.6 mm by 3.1 mm. Small in size and light in weight, they are ideal for small devices, such as watches, calculators, and toys. Because these cells weigh so little, they won’t affect the weight of a device if they are used in a series. Furthermore, they are lightweight and easily portable, making them ideal for travel or outdoor activities.

In addition to watches and calculators, AG10 batteries are also used in small electronic toys, medical devices, remote controls, and various portable electronic gadgets. The versatility of AG10 batteries enables them to meet the power requirements of diverse devices, ranging from entertainment and leisure products to critical healthcare equipment. Their ability to deliver reliable performance in compact and lightweight designs makes AG10 batteries a preferred choice for manufacturers and consumers alike. How to choose the right AG10 equivalent for your device Occasionally, silver-oxide batteries are manufactured with a “low-drain” and a “high-drain” capacity, but more recently, they are sold as “general purpose” or “multi-drain” batteries. Battery SR1130 Silver Oxide has a shelf life of three to five years, sometimes even longer. It has a constant output voltage and is more powerful than alkaline LR1130 batteries. There is a slight difference in price between silver-oxide SR1130 and LR1130 batteries. Thus, zinc-air batteries are used for devices that are used daily and require high-capacity batteries, like hearing aid devices and similar. It is very unusual to find a zinc-air battery with dimensions of 11.6 x 3.1 mm. There are zinc-air batteries in the nearby area, which are/were labeled as PR43, 7001Z, AC41E, and similar. However, these batteries are being phased out. AG10 battery is a series of alkaline button cell batteries that are commonly used in a wide range of low-drain electronic devices. The AG10 series of batteries includes LR1130, LR54, 189, and G10A batteries, which are all equivalent to each other and have the same nominal voltage of 1.5 volts and a capacity range of around 85-90mAh.

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A battery of this type cannot be reversed until it has reached 40% discharge due to the zinc/manganese dioxide reaction, which creates the cell’s chemical energy. It becomes impossible to reverse the reaction after the first 40%. Hydrogen ions (H+) form when Manganese oxide (MnO2) reacts with water, resulting in groutite (MnOOH), a non-reversible compound. Even after removing the hydrogen ions, groutite cannot be broken down into MnO2, so the alkaline battery cannot be charged again. The cells are in danger of exploding if you attempt to recharge them due to all the gas accumulating inside the seal. If your L1131 came from a device that uses many batteries, make sure to replace all of them at the same time, as the new batteries’ lifespan will be drastically reduced if they are mixed with older batteries. They may be utilized on micro and handy gadgets like toys, calculators, and watches because of their small size and lightweight. In addition to their compact size, AG10 batteries are known for their stable voltage output and consistent performance throughout their lifespan. This reliability is particularly important for devices that require a steady power supply to function optimally, such as electronic watches, calculators, and medical devices. The high energy density of AG10 batteries enables them to deliver sustained power, making them suitable for applications where long-term performance is essential. There is no method to recover the charge of the alkaline battery since groutite cannot be split into MnO2 even after the hydrogen ions have been removed.

LR1130 is identical to LR54 or AG10. L denotes an Alkaline battery, R denotes a round battery, 11 denotes an 11.8mm diameter, and 30 denotes a 3.0mm height. Is it possible to utilize AG10 instead of AG13? AG10 battery is also known by various other names, including LR1130, LR54, 189, and G10A batteries. These batteries are equivalent to each other and can be used interchangeably in most electronic devices requiring AG10 batteries since they all have a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts and an identical capacity range of approximately 85-90mAh. Some common equivalents of AG10 batteries are: When maintained at normal temperature, alkaline batteries have a shelf life of 5-10 years, according to most manufacturers. Because alkaline batteries are not rechargeable, they have no cycle life. Charging alkaline batteries is dangerous, and most industry experts advise against it. Is there a difference between AG10 and AG13 batteries? This battery can perform well under high drain or low drain situation. Possessing a compact configuration of 11.6 millimetres diameter and 3.0 millimetre height, this battery proves that watch battery size matters. It does not only keep your watches running on time but it also guarantees that it is well constructed so as to minimise the possibility of leaking. Since watches need a constant voltage, the Energizer 390 / 389 AG10 SR1130W watch battery promises efficiency and provides flat discharge voltage curve until the last bit of electricity in its cell is squeezed out. Furthermore, the batteries have a capacity of 70mAh, which means they can provide 70 milliamperes of electricity for an hour.

Armed with the insights from this guide, you're well-equipped to make the best choices for your battery needs, ensuring uninterrupted functionality and peace of mind. Embrace the world of AG10 batteries with confidence, and let their reliable energy support your everyday endeavors. Yes, AG10 batteries can be recycled. Most local recycling programs accept batteries, and some retailers also offer recycling services for batteries. LR1130 battery: It is the same size and capacity as the AG10 battery and is compatible with AG10 batteries being a direct replacement. The AG10 battery series is also known as the LR1130 battery series or button cell SR1130W series. The batteries in this series are small, circular batteries that are typically 11.6mm in diameter and 3.1mm in height, making them ideal for use in devices with limited space. These batteries have a long shelf life and are designed for low-drain applications, making them suitable for use in small electronic devices such as laser pointers, toys, games, and specialty mini-flashlights.

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