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US Navy aircraft carries have hull numbers from CV-1 (USS Langley, 1922) to CV-67 (USS John F. Kennedy 1968) or CVN-68 (USS Nimitz 1975) to CVN-77 (USS George H.W. Bush 2009). The dedication plaque for the USS Saratoga was visible briefly in DS9: " Emissary", but it was too small on screen to be legible. During World War II the US Navy had four Iowa class battleships, two North Carolina class battleships, four South Dakota class battleships, three Colorado class battleships, two Tennessee class battleships, three New Mexico class battleships, two Pennsylvania class battleships, and so on. All of them should be Nimitz class as well, but Roddenberry didn't know about this whole thing. It was quietly written in by writers later, once the series was taken more seriously in general. The dedication plaque indicated that the ship was built by 'Federation Space Systems', and gave the ship's motto as 'To bring light into the darkness.' Herb Wright suggested that one." [12] (X) The motto was inspired by Flowers for Algernon , a science-fiction short story and subsequent novel written by Daniel Keyes. A section in the book states:

For I dipt in to the future, far as Human eye could see; Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be…" – Alfred Tennyson You will need Photoshop to be able to edit those templates, if you don't have it send me a PM with the following information and I will create one for you: In the non- canon Star Trek: Titan premier novel Taking Wing, Captain Riker has a tough time selecting a proper quote for the USS Titan's dedication plaque. It has never been implied, one way or the other, if it is standard procedure for a ship's captain to choose the quote on their own ship's plaque. In the next novel The Red King, he chooses the Vulcan maxim "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations" ( IDIC) in tribute to the Titan's crew, which following with the Luna-class's design, was one of the most diverse in Starfleet history with less than 15% of the crew being Human. One of Riker's other choices was a verse sung by Jazz legend Teresa Brewer: "It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing." Starfleet Command: R. Berman, B. Braga, M. Coto, P. Lauritson, M. Howard, D. Velazquez, J.P. Farrell, B. Yacobian, S. Welke, D. Rossi, D. Mirabello, T. Matalas, D.

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A dedication plaque was made for the bridge set of the USS Kelvin in Star Trek. However, due to camera angles and lighting conditions, it was illegible. The plaque was located adjacent to the turbolift. The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 192) contains a graphic of this plaque, which includes the ship's name, registry number, commissioning stardate of 2225.5 at San Francisco, California, and the motto " All glory comes from daring to begin." The plaque does not include the ship's class. Did you ever wanted to have a Dedication Plaque for you starship, if the answer is yes than now you can have it. Trotti, T. Tagamolila, J. Harris, P. Butler, J. Rudolph, J. Brown, S. Shimizu, L. Sena, A. Pooley – Mission Ops: M. Sussman, A. Bormanis, J. Reeves-Stevens, G. Reeves In other words, by naming the ship Pacard commanded, "Enterprise" it continued to be "the same ship" that Archer commanded, thus "starship class", but it was built to spec of the far more advanced ships of the "Constitution class", so that particular vessel was of two separate classes.

IMHO in a modern navy one might say that all battleships are in the battleship class, or type, or sort, or kind, or set and all aircraft carriers are members of the aircraft carrier class, or type, or sort, or kind, or set, and all destroyers are in the destroyer class, or type, or sort, or kind, or set, and so on. Sepulveda, L. Rich, C. Russo, J. Nesterowicz – Flight Test Crew: R. Ratliff, P. Albiez, W. Thoms, J. Djanrelian, S. Satterfield, G. Edelman, L. That is speaking very generally. Almost all battleships of the US Navy have hull numbers in the series from BB 1 (USS Indiana 1895) to BB 64 (USS Wisconsin 1944). But a class of vehicles is usually used in the sense of a set of vehicles built to the same set of plans and specifications with only comparatively minor modifications. Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd US President, was quoted on the dedication plaque of the USS Yamato in " Where Silence Has Lease". The quote was: "I have sworn eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." ( Star Trek Encyclopedia (1st ed., p. 380))I made this one for my NX-Refit in Star Trek Online. Well most of the work is from a PSD I found on Deviant Art. I just edited and resized it to fit an NX-Class plaque. I named it after the Endeavour from the Rise of the Federation books. The names are from the NX-02's plaque in the show. I chose 'To infinity, and beyond' as the quote because I was watching Toy Story at the time. The Latin is probably incorrect. Pondella, P. Jacobson, J. Devlin, R. Dominguez, W. Mayer, R. Calvaruso, A. Dominguez – Orbital Ergonomics: J. Mees, M. Bozeman, A. Zerkel, E. Kelly, C. Russo, J. At the present time all the aircraft carriers in service in the US Navy are Nimitz class, but three of the Ford class are in stages of construction. In 2368, after having their memories temporarily submerged, the senior staff of the USS Enterprise-D read the ship's dedication plaque to figure out the name of the ship. ( TNG: " Conundrum") When the script for " The Visitor" describes the state of the USS Defiant in the early 2400s, it notes that the " dedication plaque is probably gone… an exhibit in a museum somewhere."

The following information was listed on the dedication plaque of civilian freighter SS Xhosa. ( DS9: " For the Cause" set artwork) Clark, F. O'Hea – Imaging and sensor technologies: M. Rush, D. Knapp, G. Tachell, S. Middleton, B. Peets, R. Eyslee, E. Cooper, R. Burgess, T. Ward, S. D'Errico, G. Edelman, L. Dukes, S. Brill, J. Moore, J. Fisher – Flight Software: J. McMeikan, J.P. Farrell, B. Lederman, C. Petrus, D. Baskin, H. Jierjian, D. Koeppel DeMeritt, D. Overdiek, J. Rudolph, S. Shimizu, D. Rossi – Spaceframe Engineering: H. Zimmerman, L. Dorton, J. Mees, C. Binkley, J.We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained and new fights to be won." – John F. Kennedy The Stargazer dedication plaque was illegible on screen, and according to Doug Drexler, the plaque art had been lost. However, the plaque was found and was used as set decoration in the observation lounge of the USS Stargazer (NCC-82893). A picture of this plaque can be seen in one of Star Trek: Picard production designer Dave Blass tweets tweets (X). Michael Okuda commented, in 2009, on the class name: I’ve always loved the dedication plaques on Star Trek. After I decided to join an RP fleet in STO, one of the first things I wanted was a dedication plaque for my ship. I searched online and found a few templates, but found them all wanting. They looked too much like drawings, rather than physical objects, and not one of them was of a resolution high enough to avoid looking blurry on Retina displays. Not so with this file, which I think almost looks like it could be a photograph and even remains sharp on higher-resolution displays. The first draft script of " The Battle" included a line of dialogue in which the text from the Stargazer 's dedication plaque was read aloud. The line stated, "U.S.S. Stargazer. Constitution Class. Starfleet Registry NCC 93 C… 'To boldly go where no one has qone before. " A Photoshop template free for all! I just ask that you do not alter the file, and don't try to pass it off as your own creation:

The following plaque templates have been modified by me and can be used to replicate DS9-VOY-NEM era Dedication Plaques. The names have been taken from the screen used Prometheus Dedication Plaque.At the time enterprise was created in the 2100's, (nx-01) the class was designated "starship class" to reflect its intent to explore other systems, as opposed to the previous ships that explored our solar system. All the World's a stage and all the men and women merely players, they have their exits and entrances and one man in his life plays many parts, his act being seven stages…" – William Shakespeare The following information was listed on the dedication plaques of starships named Stargazer. ( TNG: " The Battle"; PIC: " The Star Gazer" set artwork) Based on that, the logo used for the STO (2386+) era is the TOS insignia, a variation of which the Antares, Sierra, and Odyssey uniforms all use. The following information was listed on the dedication plaque of ISS Avenger. ( ENT: " In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II" set artwork)

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