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To Save the World, Can You Wake Up the Morning After with a Demi-Human?, Vol. 5

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This story is about a high school student who, for whatever reason, is chosen to be the one who needs to help bear the next savior of the world. He's not the savior, but his child is supposed to be, so a litany of women are now asked to mate with him so that whatever powers that be can figure out who will be the most powerful offspring. The world setup is actually somewhat interesting, kind of playing off the Monster Manga that is getting quite popular today. This is sort of a modern fantasy setting of "what if all those fantasy worlds with elves, dwarves, etc. continued to modernize out of medieval times" and just wound up here in modern times with all the races existing alongside regular humans. So, at first I was kind of down to read this, it seemed like it would be an interesting world. It is made pretty clear at the beginning that our character has the hots for this elf girl who sits next to him in class, but he's too nervous/shy to talk to her or make any meaningful moves. Let me be clear that his being a minor isn't exactly my biggest issue here, in fact teens exercising and showing consent is probably one of THE most important things. Okay...just looking at the cover and reading the description I was under the impression that the poor ordained boy was going to be given a fighting chance to save his virginity for the elf girl he adores from school. What I did not expect is the poor sap passes out anytime her gets aroused and whatever flavor of monster girl at the time of his unconsciousness will without consent take his seed inside their bodies without consent. Hmm I seem to recall there is a word for that...Oh yeah it's rape. Even censoring mature words does not hide the fact that not once has Hironori Tabata given any of the monster girls harvesting his magical hero making semen the go ahead to do what they do. Certainly I can imagine if the scenario was reversed and it was a young human woman who was destined to give birth to a hero of legend but before that she must have sex with an assortment of monster men whether she wants to or not than this book never would have seen print. You know for a supposedly romantic comedy about a boy saving his virginity for the girl he likes it ends up with him believing he is the worst and not these *insert less then honorable description* girls who automatically went right to ignore what he wants for world peace. COVER Corporation Announces hololive English VTuber Gawr Gura Collaboration with Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium

There is another review that does a good job explaining this manga, so I suggest you take a look at that one as well. It's the one star review and it does a fantastic job labelling the issues with this piece. Aina The End Releases New Single 'Diana,' Studio Live Performance Video Featuring Anime Theme Songs Also Released I have already bought *sigh* the second volume so I will continue with at least that. I am hoping that volume 2 will change my mind and I’ll want to continue with this series, but I am not sure. Honestly, if the genders had been reversed, and it was a women who men kept having sex with while she was unconscious, it never would have been published. The fact that a publisher took a look at this and said 'oh, he's a man, thus it's okay', is disturbing. Yes, this is a work of fiction, I get it. Won't stop me from being surprised this made it out of doujinshi hentai territory. Now the setup seemed rather promising at this point and our main character is rather plain as they often are in these kind of manga. They even give him the additional problem that if he gets too aroused around real women then he passes out. Again, not an issue for me and it would have been hilarious to see the main premise try to navigate this problem... and they do, by basically using it as a feature.

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I have a thought as to how this might eventually end, but its to early to tell and I am afraid that the second volume will probably be, more or less, the same as volume 1 just when different species of monster girls. Now, I could be totally wrong and volume 2 could get ultra serious about the topic of consent, but this is marketed as a comedy and the use of what is "comedic" in this volume leads me to believe that this thing won't trend this way. I don't think I'll ever find out, because I'm giving this a hard pass after this. Do I enjoy these crimes being done in real life? Of course I don't, they're crimes. And the mere fact that I have to confirm this fact is so incredibly tiring. Sex-Positive Feminism has clearly lost, because we have entered an age of progressive censorship that mirrors the Christian censorship of last century.

This volume actually ends with our main character realizing he's been getting raped by these girls all this time and oh wow... the funny? I think I would have had less of a problem if this wasn't a comedy. I don't mind stories engaging these tough subjects, but this really plays into the problems of men who get raped by women in a very similar way it's brought up when women get raped. You know the narrative where if a women gets raped there's always some idiot who chimes in with "well, what was she wearing" as if her clothing were consent. In stuff like this the narrative is on the male end is "well, was she hot?" As if men automatically consent simply because someone is attractive. The manga absolutely plays it off that way. It's "funny" that he doesn't want to have sex with these women, because they're all so hot, why wouldn't he? ha ha... yeah no.I thought he would be given a least a small fighting chance when it comes to saying no to these girls or they would eventually seduce him to saying yes to them. Nope, that is not what happens at all. How familiar are you with ecchi harem anime tropes? And how capable are you of separating real world morals/ethics from those in erotic fiction? Because if the answer to either of those questions is "not very," you won't be able to get the full enjoyment from this series. I say typical ecchi harem silliness because none of this manga fazed me. I've read plenty of harem manga before this. I thought it was funny. I thought the girls were cute: I'd even go as far as to say I'm enjoying the characters. It's like a lewd, bite-sized version of Maburaho's premise meets Interspecies Reviewers episodic focus on a different monster girl each chapter. But I, a person with strong morals, do not enjoy this book about fantasy sex, therefore no one else should enjoy this book about fantasy sex." To Save the World, Can You Wake Up the Morning After with a Demi-Human? tells the story of highschooler Hironori Tabata, who has "Full-Body Erection Syndrome", meaning his entire body goes completely stiff when he gets an erection.

What to say about this story…I have had some time to think about it and I still don’t know what to say. Based off of the description, this manga is described as a sexy comedy; an average human boy has the ability to pro-create the next chosen one with a demi-human girl but he doesn’t want to! He wants to save himself for the girl of his dreams. Sounded like a good story line and premise, turns out not so much. I didn’t really find this manga all that funny. The story line basically never changes except he sleeps with a different monster girl each time, and once you realize that, it sort of becomes boring. I mean, there's a part in here where the main character gets re-introduced to his childhood best friend where they reminisce about the past and play video games. Until, at the end of their day, she says she's one of the chosen maidens. Then she proceeds to restrain him and rape him. Like, wow... awesome. What even is this? Then we get to the obligatory loli character who is a 100 year old dwarf, so hey, she's legal age right? Yeah, she still looks about 8... but isn't it just funny that because she's so small she can't successfully complete her mission because he doesn't fit in? Oh man... filled with humor here. This is where I was 100% done with this, if the nail in the coffin wasn't the best friend, this absolutely should be for anyone reading this. This should have been a hard stop for the publishers both here and overseas and I can't figure out why this proceeds.

If you need your fictional media to represent your real world morals, ethics, then you need to recognise there is a lot of media out there that isn't for you.

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