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Dread Wood: New for 2022, a funny, scary, sci-fi thriller from the author of Crater Lake. Perfect for kids aged 9-12 and fans of Goosebumps!: Book 1

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Exhuming the dreadful powers of the Underworld, Charnel Whispers explores the Maergzjiran Cabal's path of necromancy in a pathworking format designed to guide the Disciple through his or her rites from the basic composition of the death essence fully into becoming a Leiche (Lich); masterfully weaving aspects of death and undeath with ease, controlling the most intimate and destructive of energies known to mankind. Such topics covered are: what it means to be a Necromancer, sylvan necromancy, conjuring various agents of the Underworld, reanimating the dead, controlling the death essence, death curses, grave familiars, Spirits of Keraktes, construction and animation of the golem, and undead apotheosis. Chomper · Hot Rod Chomper · Toxic Chomper · Fire Chomper · Power Chomper · Count Chompula · Armor Chomper · Chomp Thing · Yeti Chomper · Disco Chomper · Unicorn Chomper · Twilight Chomper Scuttlers are undead, spider-like arthropods that vaguely resemble a Myrmex; they have hard, chitinous armor, 3 pairs of walking legs, a moderate-sized thorax, a moderate-sized head with 10 glowing blue eyes and large raptorial appendages near the front of their mouth, and a large, bulbous, upwards-facing abdomen. They are dark blue in color, with a lighter blue skull patterning on their abdomen.

Air Ron · Best Fishing Friend™️ · Bingo-Bongo · Brian · Corny Corn · Dandelion · Exposition Al · Gilly the Kid · Harmela · Land Phil · Major Sweetie · Mark · Mike · Sergeant Peel · Sir Crustworthy · Sir Victor-Ian · Tenderleaf · Tumbleweed Ted · Vivian Don't forget to flesh out what's going on in the Shadowfell Dreadwood. Castle Spiral exists in both planes so no matter what you do with the Material Plane, that's only half of Granny Nightshade's dominion! Her rule could extend further in the Shadowfell than on the Material Plane, or perhaps she's constantly devoting resources to keeping Shadowfell enemies at bay so she can't focus too much on expanding her Material Plane rule. Heal Beam · Sunbeam · Heal Flower · Rainbow Heal Beam · Solar Flare Beam · Dark Flower · Rainbow Flower

Diamond Gnome #1 – Gnomograph Puzzle

Liches drop 0-2 bones and 0-2 Dread Shards, and have a 10% chance of dropping a Gravemaster's Key. They can also drop their staff which can shoot icy orbs. The inner depths of the Dreadwood are a place where the planar bindings between the Material Plane and the Shadowfell wear thin. Undead creatures and villainous monsters that seek to tap into the shadowy power of that realm thrive deep in the forest. Its innermost reaches mingle with that dark realm, forming a warped mirror version of the Dreadwood that extends into that plane. It can be assumed that the Dreadwood wasn't always "the Dreadwood" before Granny Nightshade set up shop there. It could have always had a Shadowfell influence from the portals there, but perhaps the good elves and fey of the area kept it under control. Wander Root is also the ambassador for the good-aligned fey of the Dreadwood, so we know they do exist to some extent still. Ruined buildings, villages, and structures are likely remnants of these elven and fey settlements that you can have parties come across in their Dreadwood travels. Corrupted fey can be added as well, as well as humanoids that fell under her control or willingly joined, believing it to be a fruitless endeavor to resist her. Perhaps bandit gangs joined her because of this. Chomper · Hot Rod Chomper · Toxic Chomper · Fire Chomper · Power Chomper · Count Chompula · Armor Chomper · Chester Chomper · Chomp Thing

Eventually the ways of the Nine Hells began to catch up with the Dark Lady, who sensed the turning tides and sent the hag to a devil exile named Nisroch to set contingencies. With this exile the hag began learning of herbalism and became enthralled with how something as beautiful as a flower could mean death with a single drop of poison derived from it. Because of this obsession Nisrach dubbed his new pupil "Nightshade," which the hag happily accepted as her new name. Despite their work together and the success of their poisons, the Archdevil Duskur found herself exiled by Asmodeus himself while Nisroch was completely destroyed. Nightshade found that Duskur accepted her fate to the hag's amazement, the devil concluding that it was the ways of Hell and she was due for a rest. This was not enough for Nightshade, seeing this as acceptance of failure, and fled Hell to begin her own struggle for power elsewhere. Scuttlers are the only Dread servant to not drop bones or Dread Shards; while the former can be explained by the fact that they are arthropods, there is a bit of confusion surrounding the latter.Middle Reaches: Bright light only extends out to 20 feet from magical or nonmagical sources. The normal range of bright light beyond that range is reduced to dim light while dim light is reduced to darkness. The big relief for fans is that the language is still extraordinary. Creator David Milch’s mastery of the spoken word is as strong as ever. Deadwood’s monologues can be celebrated as standalone pieces, so if you loved Al’s reflections on his upbringing or EB Farnum’s floor scrubbing cri de coeur you will appreciate flashes of that brilliance throughout the movie. The Dread Queen was initially planned to be released in version 1.9.0, along with all her servants; however, due to burnout from massive amounts of coding work as well as harassment from other people, she was delayed for future updates, with the hydra being added in her place. Potato Mine · Garlic Drone · Tallnut Battlement · Potato Nugget Mine · Artichoke Drone · Iron Maiden If you couldn't tell from other posts, I enjoy inserting some good ol' horror into my games, so Granny Nightshade is rife with such opportunities. Gross and terrifying undead minions, remnants of recognizable past allies in new unread or monstrous forms, body horror, and nightmare-fuel fit great with a character like Nightshade!

The Nightshade Queen's true age is known only to her, but she is truly ancient, perhaps existing in the Feywild before eladrin became elves. Beginning life as a green hag, she was known to be more personable than her sisters as well as wise, leading her to being accepted in various fey courts as an advisor. Among the more traditionally beautiful fey she learned to appreciate beauty, or their interpretation of it, and chose to use her abilities to present herself as one of them rather than her true hideous hag form. While tolerating this more than her natural appearance, many of the fey courtiers and archfey teased her and played cruel jokes and pranks to unmask her, and the hag found that her position as advisor had been changed into a court jester. Dreaded Depths: Bright light only extends out to 10 feet from magical or nonmagical sources. The normal range of bright light beyond that range is reduced to dim light while dim light is reduced to darkness. Darkvision's range is reduced to 30 feet no matter the original maximum. The movie honours the characters and conflicts properly, and only occasionally strays into ‘playing to the gallery’ territory. Even that feels more like Milch’s affection for his characters coming through rather than any desire to please the audience. If the response to the Game of Thrones finale teaches us anything, it’s that fans should often be ignored. Deadwood is far too important a work to be infected by fanfic. Like The Sopranos, it is unashamedly about big ideas – civilisation emerging from chaos, inventing right and wrong, capitalism red in tooth and claw. Milch is a heroic writer – artistically ambitious and fearlessly intellectual, with the soul of a poet. This stands out for me as one of the best series I have ever seen hit the small screen. The attention to detail,story and character is second to none. Deadwood is brought to life by the good, the bad and the very ugly- with some of the most wonderfully theatrically profane, but ultra-realistic dialogue of any western. True, you could question some of the dialogue for exactly how accurate it is to the time it is set- but it sounds absolutely convincing in the world they have managed to build. Lets face it- not too many Westerns even bothered all that much in the first place! The 3 series have impeccable standards of production, weaving some of the real historical events of the time into a fictional Old West testament. The degradation, ill manners, costumes, dirt, mud and profanities are all present and accounted for. The Weirding Woods region in Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville is filled with all sorts of secrets and collectibles. Just like in the Town Center on the plant side, players can collect three diamond gnomes in Weirding Woods after completing specific challenges. This guide will explain how to collect all three diamond gnomes for players who are hoping to complete every challenge in this region. Diamond Gnome #1 – Gnomograph PuzzleWeed · Pumpkin Weed · Terracotta Weed · Leaf Shield Weed · Wood Shield Weed · Vase Weed · Porcelain Vase Weed · Heal Weed · Flag Weed · Dandelion Weed · Hypno-shroom

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