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Secret Wishes Womens Kitana Mortal Kombat Costume

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If you spend your days practicing your fatalities and honing your keen martial arts skills in the hopes of being selected to an all-important tournament to save the planet, perhaps the time has come to take things into your own hands. With one of our Mortal Kombat costumes, you can be one of the iconic characters and start putting all of those lethal skills you've acquired to use! Not counting Sonya Blade and Raiden, due to the death of their future counterparts prior to Kronika's Time Merger completion in Chapter 2 (Kotal Kahn's Chapter), Kitana is the only playable character in that storyline who never encountered and fought her future counterpart in her own chapter. Kitana's body can be seen in the introduction of Mortal Kombat: Deception, located on the stairs leading to the Soulnado. When Kitana performs her X-Ray Move on female characters, her fan's blades will go through the skull, but when she performs it on males, the blades will not go through the skull. However, when her X-Ray Move is performed on Goro, Kintaro, or Shao Kahn, the blades will go through the skull. WWE Diva AJ Lee dressed as Kitana during a Halloween Costume Battle Royal as a homage to the character.

Mortal Kombat 11 Kitana Costume - Etsy Mortal Kombat 11 Kitana Costume - Etsy

During Story Mode Chapter 15, one of the randomly generated fighters faced can be an amalgamation of Kitana and General Shao, appearing as a red clad version of Kitana with Shao's helmet, named Kitana Kahn. Both in MK 2011 and MKX, the enhanced version is called Square Wave. This increases the damage and adds armor in MKX. Titan Kitana's outfit seems to combine aspects of both her Past and Present MK11 costume, such as the bodysuit from her Past outfit, with the armored aspects and hairstyle taken from her Present form. That is unacceptable. After Earthrealm is destroyed, we must complete Lord Shinnok's vengeance: Invade the Heavens and destroy the Elder Gods." (To Revenant Kung Lao and Revenant Smoke) In Mortal Kombat 1, Shang Tsung convinces her to temporarily turn against the Earthrealm warriors after their "ambush" during Kenshi's chapter.This led to her murder by her now-corrupted mother, Sindel, becoming one of Quan Chi’s revenants. After Quan Chi’s death, Kitana and Liu Kang became emperor and empress of the Netherrealm. Remember Edenia, Mother. Remember your rule before Shao Kahn's invasion!" (Before Sindel drains her soul) Mortal Kombat 1 further showcases Kitana's Wind magic, as she is able to charge her fans with it and create traps to lift the opponent into the air. Cutting Fan: Kitana spins both her fans around her, dealing damage if the opponent touches her. ( MKvsDCU, MK 2011)

Kitana Costume - Etsy UK

The enhanced version is called Fan Dice. Kitana hits the opponent with two additional swings of her fans. Even though Kitana is over 10,000 years old, she looks as if she is in her early twenties, at times shown wearing eye makeup. She looks identical to Mileena when both of their masks are on, but when it is off, Mileena's flawed visage is exposed, as opposed to Kitana's beautiful face. Kitana's overall appearance throughout the series has been changed profusely. In Mortal Kombat Mobile, Kitana is one of the few characters to receive an exclusive reskin not featured in the main game. Kitana started out as an unplayable herald-type character called Kitsune [1] during the early development of the original Mortal Kombat game in 1991; his inspiration at the time was the character of Princess Mariko from Jordan Mechner's 1984 video game Karateka. [2] In an interaction with Kung Lao, Kitana suggests that she is now willing to call Mileena as her sister. This may be due to her policy of accepting all Outworld races.

Liu Kang, you were right. I wish we had met under... different circumstances." (Before dying in Liu Kang's hands) Sharpen: Kitana sharpens her fans by slashing them together, damaging the opponent. This move gives Kitana Strengthen, increasing damage on her every move. ( MK Mobile - Assassin Card)

Mortal Kombat Costumes, Ranked - CBR Best Mortal Kombat Costumes, Ranked - CBR

Kitana is the most-seen female character in the Story Mode as she appears in all chapters but three: Chapter 12, Chapter 13, and Chapter 14. Rolling Fury: Kitana rolls under her opponent and trips them up. This move is similar to Mileena's Rolling Thunder. ( MKvsDCU) The Klassic: Kitana performs an uppercut, decapitating the opponent with a swipe of her fan. This Brutality is shared with every character. ( MK1) Kitana's second color in MKII is gray. This color scheme was recycled for Khameleon in Mortal Kombat Trilogy.in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Kitana was manipulated by both the rage sent by Dark Kahn, and then by Quan Chi. Mother, this is not your way! Shao Kahn has corrupted you!" (Trying to free Sindel from Shao Kahn's control) In one interaction with D'Vorah, Kitana claims she views the Revenant version of herself to be even worse than Mileena. As Shang Tsung became a minion of Shao Kahn when the story was expanded for Mortal Kombat II, for which Kitsune was renamed "Kitana" and made Kahn's stepdaughter keeping up with the princess character idea. [5] Gutted: Kitana performs her Edenian Dance combo and slices a hole through her opponent's torso. ( MK11)

Kitana Costume Mortal Kombat - Etsy Canada Kitana Costume Mortal Kombat - Etsy Canada

Kitana has a history of being repeatedly deceived and/or manipulated by villains throughout the series. Kitana is mentioned in Injustice 2 by Raiden who is featured as a playable guest character alongside Sub-Zero. He only mentions her in a Mirror Match, referencing her current status as ruler of the Netherrealm, while the duplicate Raiden states she rules Edenia with Liu Kang in his timeline. The enhanced version is called Fan Vortex, in which the tornado will travel the whole screen to lift the opponent up. Then you are a fool. Shao Kahn cannot be defeated. You will take your world and you will bow your knees like countless others before you."Babality: Kitana turns into a baby and takes out her bladed fans. She flaps them causing her to fly and then lets go of them, falling on the ground with the fans falling right next to her. ( MK 2011) In MKII, as with Mileena and Jade, Kitana wore a simple blue leotard, along with matching knee-high boots, long gloves, and a headband. You follow me when I clearly wish to be alone, then you abrade me? I will not be scolded like some child!" (To Jade)

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